Branding Regatta clothing

Branding Our Clothing

To enable you to display your branding or corporate messages in a workplace or promotional environment, all Regatta products can be either embroidered or printed on. Embroidery

The majority of the Regatta range can easily be embroidered and has been designed to allow access for embroiderers where internal linings would be prohibitive.

Embroidering waterproof jackets will lead to a reduction in the level of water-resistance. The puncturing of the fabric leads to the potential for water ingress around the embroidery area. The remaining area of the jacket will retain its waterproofness as before embroidery.

Most Regatta products can be successfully printed without any reduction in the quality and performance of the garment.

NB: Regatta always recommend contacting your garment decorator as they will have information and advice on the optimal decoration technique.

Branding Regatta Clothing