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Print and Embroidery Location

Regatta clothing can be printed and embroidered in a variety of locations. The most popular are detailed below.

Right and left sleeves - For small scale labelling, the sleeves offer an added opportunity to brand a garment. They also ensure the messages can be seen from the side as well as the front.

Left breast (as worn) - the most traditional decoration location, the left breast is ideal for club crest or business logo

Right breast (as worn) - ideal as a secondary place for decoration, this is usually used for a sponsor logo or area for additional information

Rear - Where a larger area is required for a more impacting message, the rear of the garment can be used. Be it across the shoulders or down near the hem, this is a great way to make a statement.

Decoration Guide

To enable you to display your branding or corporate messages in a workplace or promotional environment, all Regatta products can be either embroidered or printed on.


Perfect for hardwearing products that will be washed frequently. The majority of products can be embroidered but the best results are achieved when using thicker stitching on more durable fabrics such as fleece. Waterproof products can be damaged around the embroidery section, reducing the over-all water resistance.


Great for small quantities of branding with less detailed logos or images. The design is applied with heat pressure which makes it suitable for most jackets and softshell products but not for fleece or products damaged by high heat.


Ideal for large quantities of product to give a clean crisp finish to the image or logo. Most jackets and softshell products are suitable for screen printing but we don’t recommend using this method on fleece or product which can be damaged by high heat.


The best option for detailed images or logos giving a direct replication of what is shown on screen on the product. Digital transfers can be applied to most garments but works best on jackets and softshells. We don’t recommend digital transfers on fleece or products damaged by high heat.

  • We do not recommend embroidering waterproofs as this punctures the fabric and renders it no longer waterproof and invalidates the guarantee.
  • Heat pressed testing was conducted between 130 - 150c degress Celsius.
  • We recommend always using a teflon sheet when heat pressing to protect the garment.
  • We recommend always using opaque / blockout vinyls to help avoid dye migration For best results use dye block when screen printing.
  • Always seek expert advice before decorating garment.
  • Regatta takes no responsibility for the decoration of garments or any resultant damage.
  • All lined garments have decoration access.